Introduction to The Backlog Blog!

Welcome to The Backlog Blog! Here you will find reflections and reviews of games that have been out a while that you’ve probably played… but our writer’s haven’t.

This new joint publication brings together a couple life-long gamers and encourages them to play more games! Stop by from time to time to see if there might be a game that you yourself missed that these guys gave a try. It might just lead you to that forgotten gem that will give your life meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

Well, probably not, but you might have some fun!

A few things about the guys here at The Backlog Blog:

Miada’s Backlog Blog was housed and gathered a respectable reader base on Cheap Ass Gamer’s blogging platform. The Backlog Blog is Miada’s brainchild. You can find an archive of his articles in the Previous Work section under Miada’s CAG Archive to the right.

Gideon did most of his public writings on a PlayStation Home centric site, the now defunct HomeStation magazine. He’s enjoyed what Miada has done with the Backlog Blog and wanted in on that action! You can find an archive of the articles he posted in the Previous Work section under Gideon’s HSM Archive.

On this blog Miada and Gideon will post their thoughts as they work through their respective backlogs. Feel free to browse and let us know what you think. Tell your friends and family, there’s a new Blog in town!

Well, that just about wraps this introduction up. Follow these guys on their respective social media outlets. Join The Backlog Blog facebook group and follow the Backlog Blog on twitter. Links below or to the right… somewhere…

Thanks for visiting The Backlog Blog and remember to keep on gaming!

-The Backlog


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