Blu-Ray Tuesday Haul : Manners Maketh Man


So since this blog is a bit slow at the moment, I thought I’d share my other hobby with you : movies. I love movies. In fact, I enjoy movies more than video games. Although, they’re both the ultimate forms of entertainment. Each Tuesday, I’ll be posting my Blu-Ray haul (if anything is worth picking up).

Today’s pickups include Kingsman : The Secret Service, a Mark Millar comic book adaptation about an underground (literally) British organization directed by Matthew Vaughn (who also directed Millar’s Kick-Ass). Much like X-Men : First Class (also directed by Vaughn), the trailers did nothing for the film. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. This is worth seeing for the brilliantly choreographed church scene alone.

Apollo 13 : 20th Anniversary Edition came out last week, but no one seemed to have it stocked. This is a major step-up from the previous Blu-Ray release.

I picked up Unbroken because I had 10% off with Cartwheel, and it was down to $12.99. This was a blind buy. I have not seen the film, but it looked interesting to me.

The Devil Wears Prada? Anne Hathaway; that is all. Emily Blunt isn’t too bad herself in this movie. Honestly, I only bought it because Target had an offer where if you bought Kingsman, you could get one of their $5 titles for $1. Not a lot to choose from, and I had most of the titles, so I went with this one. I always liked how Anne Hathaway transformed in this film. It’s definitely one of her better movies where she always looks fabulous (once she starts working for Streep’s character).

So yeah, some new titles, some old titles. I always try to mix the new and the old when it comes to releases. Not sure why. Perhaps it’s because I have a lot of older titles on my wishlist.


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