Days Of Future Past : The Utterly Pointless Cut


Last Tuesday, Bryan Singer’s Rogue Cut of X-Men : Days Of Future Past was released. This past weekend, I sat down and checked it out, and I’ll be giving you my honest opinions about the new cut.

Warning : this WILL contain spoilers.

So I was wrong about Rogue replacing Kitty in the film, to an extent. I imagined that Rogue would be in the film from the start, but in all actuality, she doesn’t even appear until more than halfway through the film! My friend Marc was also watching the Rogue Cut, coincidentally at the same time as I was (I was about 20 minutes ahead), and it was like a contest to find out when she was finally going to show up.

At the Summit where Mystique is to assassinate Trask, Wolverine has a breakdown when he sees a young William Stryker. “I just saw someone who’s going to bring me a lot of pain someday.” During this breakdown, Logan sees flashbacks of the torturous Weapon X program he was a part of, and it causes him to subconsciously lash out. His claws cut Kitty on the arm pretty good, and she’s not sure if she can continue. Bobby suggests that he, Xavier, and Magneto go and bring the one person who can take Kitty’s place : Rogue. The only problem is, Rogue is being held captive in cerebro at the old school. Bobby, Xavier, and Magneto set off to rescue her in the Blackbird. Upon escaping, Bobby stays and fights off a group of sentinels who have been alerted of a breach. Needless to say, he dies. As the group departs, a sentinel gives chase. Xavier is able to shake it off, but doesn’t realize that part of the arm got stuck in the X-Jet. This is how the sentinels end up tracking the group’s location in China. That part was the only thing I liked about the Rogue cut, because it at least tied up a loose end from the theatrical version. Once Rogue arrives, she takes Kitty’s place for the remainder of the film. There’s a really weird scene where after young Xavier pleads with Raven to come home (via cerebro), she actually does come home to the school, flirts with Hank, proceeds to spend the night, and then destroys cerebro. “Sorry, Charles”.

Yeah, I’m sorry too; sorry I had to sit through this shitty cut of an otherwise spectacular film. Folks, do yourselves a favor, and stick with the vastly superior theatrical cut. Theres a reason these scenes were left on the cutting room floor. They’re just not necessary. If anything, buy it for the extras and the theatrical cut.


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