Move Aside, Soccer.

Rocket League_20150729225653

I’ll be the first to tell you that I hate soccer. I hate it. It’s boring, it takes too long for people to score, and the players are always faking injuries. The only thing I hate more than soccer are the people who only follow it every four years for the World Cup and act like they’re lifelong fans. They’re not. I think the only thing better than soccer is hockey, and that’s only because occasionally players will beat the shit out of each other. I’ve always disliked it. It all started when I was really young. My cousins played Soccer pretty much their entire lives. My Mother, of course being my Mother, decided that because they play sports, for some reason, I should play sports. Funny. So she signed me up for several things. Soccer, baseball, basketball, karate. I wasn’t good at any of them. I think I had one RBI and one free-throw point in my entire childhood sports career. I’m not even kidding. I never scored a goal. I think the highlight of my soccer career was that I learned the word “fuck” from the kids on my team. I never scored a goal, but I gained a new word; one of my all-time favorite words. I think that’s a win-win. I always thought there was something in my genes that was passed down where I was just bound to fail when it came to organized athletics. I mean, my Dad’s nickname when he played ball was “Strikeout Stahly”. Still not kidding. But enough about me…

Anyway, the point of the story is that I can’t stand soccer, but I am in love with Rocket League! I wish there were some way to replace soccer with Rocket League. Whether it’s people driving in cars or using RC cars; It would be way more entertaining!

Rocket League is the sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (what a mouthful!). It’s essentially soccer with RC cars. The idea of the game is to score the most goals to win the game. The cars can use turbo thrusters, and do flips and tricks in the air, which allows for the ball to be maneuvered in different ways.

Rocket League can be played from 1v1 up to 4v4, with bots or with friends, in a variety of different matches. There’s Exhibition, which is just a basic single match. Season is much more interesting. Season actually plays out an entire season of matches. Players can choose between a few different lengths for seasons, from 9 weeks up to 30 or so. Season allows you to create your own team, colors, and teammates, then pits your team against several others. There’s even playoffs and a championship! As much as I enjoyed the Season, I couldn’t help but wonder why an online Season mode wasn’t planned. It would be a blast to play a Season with a bunch of friends online!

There’s tons of customization in Rocket League. Everything from the vehicle color, wheels, antenna, and boost can be customized. Up to 165 items are unlocked in all; one after each game played. There’s even some video game referenced items, such as Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck from Twisted Metal, and the guys from Kinda Funny even have their own “Team Fat” antenna flag!

The Platinum is one of the more fun Platinum trophies to earn, simply because it’s earned without really knowing it. You can earn all of the trophies by just playing the game, and that’s something to be commended. The only trophy that can be annoying is the “Far, Far Away…” trophy, which requires you to drive for 500 Kilometers. For some reason, this trophy pops at random times. It may pop around 80 to 100 miles, it may not. It definitely is the longest trophy to earn. I just kept playing the longest Season matches and eventually it popped.

Rocket League was THE game of July for me, and it was one of the best PlayStation Plus games ever offered. I can’t express how great of a game it is. If you missed out, buy it; it’s completely worth the full price. I spent many long nights playing Rocket League with a few friends, and it was a total blast each and every time, even when I lost most of the time! The point is, whether you are playing by yourself, with bots, or with friends, you’re going to have a good time. You owe it to yourself to check out this wonderful game, even if you’re not a fan of soccer, like me. If a game can make you totally forget about a sport you despise, you know it has to be good. Download, install, crank up the Spotify, grab some friends, and prepare for an awesome experience. Do it right now!

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