Blu-Ray Tuesday Haul : Chiller Choices, Corvo, and Coral


Happy Tuesday everyone! This week marks the release of the PlayStation 4’s latest exclusive, Until Dawn, as well as Dishonored : Definitive Edition, and the fifth season of The Walking Dead. 

Supermassive Games brings Until Dawn to the PlayStation 4 in style with a horror game that plays much like a Quantic Dream game (Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, Beyond : Two Souls). The game takes place on a mountain lodge with a group of friends. Needless to say, things start happening. The player controls each character, and, ultimately, their fate. The game is all about choices and split-second decisions, so the player really has to think about which option is the best choice. The goal is to complete the game with all of the characters alive. This is going to be fun. I left the decision of my next game up to the Best Friends at Podcast Beyond, Kinda Funny, and Platinum Achievements, and Until Dawn won by a landslide. Sorry for the two people that picked Bloodborne. Anyway, that’s right folks; I’m tearing off that shrink-wrap and jumping right into this game! Look out for the review once I finish the game! Which reminds me…I still need to finish my reviews for Everybody’s Gone To The Rapure and Actual Sunlight. 



The next item on the list is Dishonored : Definitive Edition. I have wanted to play this game for a very, very long time. Dishonored was originally in my backlog for the PS3, but I figured the PS4 would be the better place to play it so I can record gameplay and take screenshots. Being a fan of the BioShock series, I definitely see the appeal with Dishonored. Both games have a very similar style. What’s neat about Dishonored is that there’s multiple ways to play it. You can kill everyone you come in contact with, or complete the game entirely without any hostility. I can’t wait to finally play this one. 

Finally, we have The Walking Dead : The Complete Fifth Season. I won’t go into any details, but I will say that this show has been on a roll since the third season, and it appears that things won’t be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, things will be getting very intense. I absolutely cannot wait for Season Six in October. 


That’s it for this week! Next week’s releases will be one for the record books : One of the greatest (if not THE greatest) films of the summer, and the end of Hideo Kojima’s remarkable saga comes to an end. Many reviews are already in, and there are several 10’s across the board. 

See you next Tuesday! 


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