Blu-Ray Tuesday Haul : Tearing You A New A New One

Happy Tuesday, everybody! My how time flies by. It feels like it was only yesterday that I was bringing you last week’s haul. This week brings Tearaway from the Vita to the PlayStation 4, and GameStop has begun selling the 20th Anniversary Dualshock 4 ahead of Amazon’s release date of September 18th. No movies this week! 

I’ve only played the demo for Tearaway on Vita. I’m looking forward to playing and reviewing both versions to see exactly how much different they really are. The Crafted Edition contains some popular PlayStation characters as well as he soundtrack to the game. 

Last holiday season, PlayStation unveiled their 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 bundle, decked out in OG PlayStation gray. I wasn’t really interested in the bundle itself, but I really wanted the controller! There is one subtle difference, though. The touch pad on the controller that came with the bundle has an all-over print of the triangle, square, x, and circle buttons, while the new controller’s touchpad is solid black. Either way, this controller is a nice touch to celebrate PlayStation’s upcoming 20th anniversary tomorrow. 

That’s all for this week. Next week? Nothing much….only FURIOUS 7! Until then!  


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