Blu-Ray Tuesday Haul : Furious Fallout 

Happy Tuesday! Today marks the release of Furious 7 on Blu-Ray. Several different retailers have released exclusive versions today. I’ve picked up the Best Buy exclusive Steelbook, and the normal Blu-Ray. Can’t wait to watch it again! 

  The case has different artwork to match the previous Blu-Ray releases :  
With Fallout 4 just a couple months away, I’ve realized that I should finally play Fallout 3 once and for all. I have the original version, but the DLC is still quite pricey. Why buy all the DLC when I can get everything in one package for $20? The only thing is…I have a bad feeling that this game may kill my PS3. 


That’s it for this week. Off to watch Furious 7! 



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