Shocking REvelations 

Resident Evil Revelations takes place before the “Lost In Nightmares” DLC for Resident Evil 5. The game starts off with Jill and Parker looking for Chris and Jessica. The team comes along an old abandoned luxury cruise liner, the Queen Zenobia, and decide to look for them there. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that something went seriously wrong on the ship, as they soon find several crew members dead. Hopefully, their missing  partners haven’t suffered the same fate…

I played Resident Evil Revelations digitally on the PlayStation 3. The graphics are quite good for an HD port of a Nintendo 3DS game. Nothing groundbreaking, but good nonetheless.

The controls feel really solid. Usually Resident Evil games are more on the stiff side. The controls actually feel great for once. They weren’t bad in RE4 and RE5, but they did feel stiff. This is much better, and feels sort of like Resident Evil 6. There are control options for the classic RE style, or the style from RE4 and onward. I of course prefer the latter. Characters can walk and run depending on the pressure put on the left stick, but I preferred having a run button like in Resident Evil 5. Sometimes the running speed feels to slow to avoid enemies, and the dodge mechanic is hit-or-miss.

The gameplay mechanics are mostly the same as they’ve been since Resident Evil 4, but there are some new features, such as the Genesis scanner. The Genesis scanner is a high-level bio scanner that allows you to scan carcasses for analysis (and in order to produce vaccines) as well as locate hidden prints and items. Scanning enemies to 100% will reward you with an herb.

Special parts can be found throughout the game that allow for weapons to be upgraded in terms of accuracy, ammo capacity, fire rate, and more.  Each weapon has three to four slots.

The game features several sections where you’ll come to a door that won’t open directly. These doors need to be hacked into. The hacking is done by sliding pieces on a 3×3 panel; linking the current together to deactivate the locking mechanism on the door. These puzzles started easy, but quickly became very challenging. Once I figured out how exactly how they work, it was a piece of cake.

I wish I could say that Resident Evil Revelations was a return to the series’ survival horror roots, but I can’t. Ever since Resident Evil 5, the series has become more and more action-oriented. The story isn’t too bad, but it’s also the least convoluted Resident Evil story in years. It does get silly at some points; in a certain chapter, Jill and Parker are looking all over the Queen Zenobia for Chris and Jessica. They get in trouble in the bilge area, ship starts flooding, and Jill & Parker are running out of air. Meanwhile, Chris and Jessica arrive on the ship and make their way to find Jill and Parker. As soon as Chris and Jessica arrive at a very-dry bilge, it’s confirmed that they are on the wrong ship. That’s right, there’s actually a sister vessel to the Queen Zenobia. It was like the “we’re at the wrong house!” sequence from Silence Of The Lambs. The enemies were all from a different virus than the ones in the numbered series. They weren’t very scary. Many of them looked to be covered in a grayish sloppy goo, and when killed they melt into puddles of gravy on the floor. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Resident Evil Revelations. It’s not as strong of a game as the numbered titles, but it still has a lot to show for itself. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of the Resident Evil series. I can’t wait to check out Revelations 2!

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2 thoughts on “Shocking REvelations 

  1. flexdawolf November 2, 2015 / 4:45 pm

    Hey great review! I played it for the Wii U and had struggles with the aiming mechanics but overall this game was a good time.

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    • miadaskate November 2, 2015 / 5:30 pm

      Hey there! Thanks so much! It really was a good time! It’s everything I look for in a Resident Evil game, all wrapped up in one small package! This game made me trust that a separate game in the series can be just as enjoyable as the main numbered series. I can’t wait to play the sequel! Thank you so much for your comment; it is greatly appreciated!


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