Hail To The King, Baby!

Babes. Beer. Guns. Pig cops. Aliens. Duke Fucking Nukem.

Duke Nukem 3D includes the main game with 3 expansions (Duke It Out In D.C., Nuclear Winter, and Duke Caribbean : Life’s A Beach).
There really isn’t much of a story for Duke Nukem 3D. The goal is to go from level to level obliterating anything in sight, solving puzzles, finding key cards to progress, discovering secret areas, and then tip some stripper babes. Pretty simple concept.

Duke has an barrage of weapons at his arsenal, such as a pistol, shotgun, explosives, ripper (mini-gun), grenade launchers, and an RPG. Duke also has inventory items he can use, such as a jetpack, night-vision goggles, portable medkits, scuba gear, protectable boots, and a hologram Duke. The DLC expansions change the weapons slightly (by how they appear and what they’re called), but that’s about it.

The Megaton edition is a bit of a mess for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. I’ve heard the PlayStation 3 version is almost unplayable with its constant lag and freezes. Upon learning this, I decided to play Duke Nukem on the system that has less problems, the Vita. I haven’t run into too many issues. The game occasionally lags. I have found that sometimes the game just closes out, deleting any progress made. I have to save (and cross-save) very often to work around this problem. The most frustrating issue is when my save file became currupted after I was really on a roll. Sometimes the save would screw up at the end of a level, and the game would completely crash.

Duke can interact with all sorts of things within the game, but the audio is so patchy. It sounds like Duke would sound on a Nintento game. Much like Wolfenstein 3D, the game looks dated, but it looks much better than it did originally.

This was the first Duke Nukem game I had ever played, and while it’s not the worst game I’ve ever played, it’s not the greatest, either. It does suffer from a bit of repetitiveness. I quickly wanted to move on to another game. As trivial as it was, I stuck with Duke Nukem until the end. It ended up taking me over two months; mainly because I was busy and really didn’t enjoy playing this very much, but I did it. I can’t tell you how excited I am to play something new.

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