Maximum Velocity

Great things come in small packages.

Velocity Ultra is a typical 2D veritcal scroller with a neat (and intuitive) twist…the ability to teleport! Originally released as a PS mini title, Velocity has been given a high-definition facelift, renamed to “Velocity Ultra”, and made its way to the PlayStation Vita.

In Velocity Ultra, The player controls a ship called the Quarp Jet which can teleport, shoot, and collect survivors. Velocity Ultra makes excellent use of the Vita’s touch screen to make teleporting seamless (or you can use the square button if you’re not into the touch aspect). It just feels like they were made for eachother. The game is very fast paced, and several missions have a time limit.

Velocity Ultra is an awesome little space shooter. With 50 story missions, challenges and more, Velocity has a lot of replayability. If you’re a fan of games like Galaga, Centepede, and Life Force, you’ll love Velocity. I had a lot of fun with Ultra, and I can’t wait to play 2X.


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