Welcome To Hell


Here are a few steps you should follow :

  1. Buy DOOM right now, if you haven’t already.
  2. Immediately remove the plastic.
  3. Flip over the God-awful cover art to reveal the true DOOM cover.
  4. Immediately insert the disc into your console of choice.
  5. Get ready to have a rad fucking time.

DOOM has finally returned, and not just in the form a brand new reboot, but also in a way that’s very reminiscent of the old games. No bullshit; this is classic DOOM at it’s finest, and at the same time, like it’s never been before.

As soon as I finished Uncharted 4, I hopped right into DOOM. I can’t say enough about this game. It’s easily one of the funnest games I’ve ever played. The key of the game is to stay in motion, so it’s very fast-paced. It’s very fast-paced, free-flowing, and feels just the way it should. Movement is the key to survival, so the player will have to constantly stay in motion, chaining skills together as they go. Besides the weapon wheel, there’s a chainsaw and glory kills that can be used to eliminate enemies. The chainsaw, much like Big Daddy’s drill, consumes fuel. Each enemy consumes a certain amount of the fuel before it has to be replenished. The bigger the enemy, the higher the amount of fuel consumed. Glory Kills are melee kills that can be pulled off in several different ways. They can be achieved by attacking an enemy until they become stunned (the enemy glows and flickers like an arcade game boss). The enemy only remains stunned for a short period of time (the flickering will become faster when it’s close to going away), so getting to them and pressing R3 in time is key. Combining the weapon wheel, the chainsaw, grenades, and the brutal glory kills are the keys to surviving the battle. The BFG, once collected, aids tremendously in do-or-die combat scenarios.

Each level has specific goals, but you’ll need familiar colored access keys to get where you need to go. Doom plays very much like an arena game. Each level features several rooms with waves of enemies.

I played the DOOM on the “Hurt Me Plenty” difficulty, and it was still challenging enough to be fun. Some wave encounters can be very difficult, but it just takes some time to figure out the map and which weapons work the best on certain enemies.

Weapons, suits, health, armor, dexterity; all can be upgraded. Runes are earned from trial challenges which also unlock attributes. Praetor Tokens can be collected from dead soldiers. These tokens upgrade the environmental resistance, area-scanning technology, equipment system, power-up effectiveness, and dexterity of your suit. Your arsenal is upgraded by finding Field Drones, which upgrades the Weapon Mods.

Just like Wolfenstein, DOOM features secret areas which unlock sections of maps from the original game. Pulling on a secret lever will open up these areas. I wish that these were full levels like they were in Wolfenstein, but that’s okay.

DOOM was a welcomed change that, in all honestly, wasn’t much of a change at all…if that makes any sense. I was instantly brought back to memories of my childhood; playing DOOM on the 32X at my Cousin’s house (they always had the cool stuff when I was a kid). DOOM instantly put a smile on my face every time I played. It’s just so good, and the fun-factor is huge. The story isn’t finished here, so I absolutely can’t wait to see what happens next.


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