Hands-On : Titanfall 2 Tech Test

Prepare For Titanfall…2

Titanfall always seemed like a very interesting premise to me. However, having the original game being an Xbox exclusive, multi-player only game was a deal-breaker for me (I didn’t have an Xbox at the time of release, but I also don’t have an Xbox Live membership). Fortunately for me, Titanfall has gone multi-platform for its second installment, Titanfall 2. Not only has the game switched to my console of choice, but the game has included my gameplay preference as well : a single-player campaign. With the game quickly approaching on October 28th, I thought I’d do a little write-up on the Titanfall 2 Tech Tests that took place over the weekend as well as this upcoming weekend.

The Tech Tests allow for players to choose a network based on their location. Players can find the best network that works for them. Each Network has their own designated “Happy Hour”, which increases points earned for faster leveling during this timeframe.

Players can choose and customize their Pilots, Titans, and more. Pilots all have different attributes that can be chosen, such as the primary and secondary weapon types, grenades, and special abilities. There is also a custom loadout. For the Tech Test, choosing between several pilots, two Titans (Ion and Scorch), and several attributes were the available options. Obviously, Scorch is fire-based, and Ion is energy-based. More options became available as I leveled up. Some can even be purchased with points. For the first week, Pilots had the following abilities : Pulse Blade, Holo Pilot, Grapple, and Stim. The second weekend will include the previous abilities, plus the Cloak. Titans Ion and Scorch will be available both weekends. I chose a Tactical Pilot with a primary assault rifle and a secondary anti-titan gun.

Titanfall 2’s first tech test is comprised of two maps (Boomtown and Homestead), and the second weekend will add Forwardbase Kodai. There is also a training level which is great for newbies like me to help get a feel for the game. Titanfall’s Tech Test consists of three different game modes : Pilots vs. Pilots, Bounty Hunter, and Amped Hardpoint. Pilots vs. Pilots is just plain deathmatch; no Titans involved. Bounty Hunter involves a money system for each kill earned. The money needs to be banked. The team with the most money at the end of the round wins. Titans are considered “Special Bounties”. Amped Hardpoint is Titanfall 2’s version of “Capture The Flag”. Hardpoints must be captured, and then “AMP”ed (for more points) if possible. This takes exactly one minute. Defending something for a minute is definitely not easy, but somehow I was able to capture and “AMP” a Hardpoint all by myself. After the match, the losing team on any game mode can attempt to make it to the evac ship before the timer runs out. The evac ship can be destroyed by the other team.

In terms of gameplay, Titanfall 2 feels very familiar. This was helpful since the Tech Test was my very first Titanfall experience. It feels very much like Call Of Duty. The movement and gunplay is very fluid and fast. Mechanics such as auto-sprint, sliding, wall-running and grappling (which can be used to climb as well as take out players) set Titanfall 2 apart from its competitors. After a specific amount of kills, my Titan meter was full and I was able to call my Titan to the battlefield. As epic as the giant mechs are, they were a bit difficult to control, and I didn’t feel as invincible as I had hoped. I hope to work on this more in the next Tech Test. For Titanfall 2, each Titan has their own unique feel and play style. Another nice thing I recognized was that the leaderboard does not keep track of how many times I’ve been killed. This is helpful because I know I can get frustrated if I’m focusing on my Kill / Death Ratio. Titanfall 2 only records your kills. I didn’t realize this until after a few matches, but some modes include AI enemies that you can kill for quick points. These AI enemies don’t count towards kills, but they will help Titan meters fill up much faster. All in all, I had a blast with my short time playing the Titanfall 2 Tech Tests so far, and I can’t wait to jump back into it this weekend as well!

Update 8/26/2016 

Respawn has taken player feedback to heart, and have made some changes resulting in a patch for this weekend’s Tech Test. I really appreciate that they actually listen to their fan-base and make changes to the game based on their feedback. Listen up, EA! This is how you run a business! Thank you, Respawn. The patch notes can be read here : 


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